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DAY 1  |  Wednesday, 11 September 2024 




Welcome to Country


Welcome Address from Aventedge


Chairperson's Opening Address

Kasia Bail, Professor of Gerontological Nursing, University of Canberra



Departmental Address: Building a highly skilled, well-rewarded and valued aged care workforce

  • Responding to Royal Commission Findings: Establishing a national registration scheme for the personal care workforce

  • Building better working conditions and higher job satisfaction for aged care workers

  • Improving training and education in aged care to deliver quality, safe care

Ms Eliza Strapp, First Assistant Secretary, Market and Workforce Division, Department of Health and Aged Care


Enhancing Aged Care with Intelligent Workforce Solutions

  • Implementing automated scheduling practices to improve resource utilisation and care quality

  • Using real-time staffing data to optimise workforce deployment and care outcomes

  • Demonstrating significant improvements in staff retention and satisfaction



Speed Networking: Engage in rapid-fire conversations to expand your professional contacts


Morning Tea



Round Tables

  • Transforming Staffing Dynamics: Solutions for Aged Care Workforce Optimisation

  • Navigating Digital Transformation: Harnessing Technology to Enhance Elderly Care Staffing Efficiency

  • Future-Proofing Workforce Management: Exploring Innovations in Integration for Aged Care Providers


Case Study: Innovating Aged Care: How Infinite Aged Care Empowers Their Workforce to Meet Evolving Demands

  • How can Aged Care workforces better cater to the changing needs of Australians in Residential care?

  • What challenges do providers face in supporting and preparing their workforce for changing demographics?

  • How can providers use technology to better support staff through ongoing regulatory and policy changes?

Rebecca Pacey, Chief People and Transformation Officer, Infinite Aged Care


Networking Lunch



Panel: Navigating the Talent Shortage: Innovations in Recruitment

  • Creating a compelling Employee Value Proposition to attract skilled workers

  • Reshaping perceptions: Enhancing the appeal of careers in aged care for graduates, skilled workers, informal workers and volunteers

  • Unpacking recruitment struggles in remote areas

  • Education pathways into aged care

Yvette McDonald, Chief People and Customer Officer, Anglicare Sydney

Michael Rasheed, Executive People and Culture, Southern Cross Care

Rad Popowicz, Talent Acquisition Manager – Aged Care, The Salvation Army Aged Care


Attracting and retaining employees in the Aged Care sector: What can we do differently to increase desirability of the sector

  • What methods can we use to effectively attract new employees to the sector?

  • How can we encourage retention across the Aged Care sector?

Sharon Blackburn CBE, Executive Director, Ballycara


Afternoon Tea



Creating effective succession plans to develop, upskill and retain workers

  • Creating a psychologically safe and supportive learning and working environment

  • Encouraging long-term commitment to aged care by showcasing career progression opportunities

  • How can we effectively reduce time off-floor during training?

  • Collaborating with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to enhance the skills of workers while ensuring their continued engagement as substantive staff members

Cher Lopresti, General Manager People & Culture, ACH Group


Case Study: Innovative training strategies: Remote and cost-effective training

  • How can the Aged Care sector cater to different learning styles to encourage the development of a stronger workforce?

  • What strategies can be implemented to train and upskill workers while reducing time off-floor?

  • Analysing retraining and reaccreditation strategies for new workers from overseas

Melissa Duffey, Executive Manager People, Feros Care


Panel: Implementing outcomes from FWC findings and their impact on direct and indirect Aged Care workforces

  • How will the increase in pay for direct and indirect carers impact the aged care sector?

  • Mitigating the financial risks associated with an increased staff requirement

  • Developing workforce strategies to ensure an appropriate distribution of health professionals and care workers in rural, regional, and remote Australia

  • How can providers use FWC findings to drive positive and effective change within the sector?

Dr Anat Hassner, Chief People and Strategy Officer, Uniting

Anna-Maria Wade, Chief of People & Culture, Royal Freemasons' Benevolent Institution

Maree Healey, Acting Chief People & Culture Officer, Warrigal


Chairperson's Closing Remarks


Networking Drinks

DAY 2  |  Thursday, 12 September 2024 



Chairperson's Opening Address

Professor Christopher Poulos, School of Population Health, University of New South Wales


Boosting workforce engagement within rural and remote communities

  • How is the government engaging with industry and community to overcome workforce challenges in rural and remote areas?

  • What support and funding are on offer for providers working in rural and remote regions?

Reserved for Thin Markets – Market & Workforce Division, Department of Health and Aged Care


Case Study: Building an Aged Care Workforce with Longevity

  • How can showcasing talent and creating opportunities for growth foster interdepartmental collaboration, enhance staff confidence, and increase staff retention?

  • Developing staff leadership skills through an inclusive team-based management structure

  • Highlighting the ongoing impact of an experiential learning program and unpacking key learnings

Stephen Becsi OAM, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Care


Morning Tea



Panel: Fostering Mental Health and Wellbeing through workload management and stress-reduction strategies – making the Aged Care a sector where people want to come to work

  • How have the Fair Work Commission Findings impacted the wellbeing and mental health of Aged Care Workers?

  • Addressing communication, recognition, and inclusive practices to create a supportive workplace

  • Creating a culture that destigmatises mental health discussions and encourages open dialogue

Cara Williams, Head of Safety & Wellbeing, Bolton Clarke

Arianna Mason, General Manager of People, Culture and Strategy, Fresh Hope Communities

Dirk Tulp, Head of People and Culture, CraigCare


Supportive Approaches: Nurturing Staff Well-Being Amidst Death and Trauma in Aged Care

  • Strategies for cultivating a workplace culture that values empathy, understanding and mutual support

  • Unpacking the diverse ways individuals cope with traumatic situations

  • Providing guidance on effective self-care practices for staff and the importance of recognising and addressing one’s own emotional well-being

Stephen Thomas, Chief People Officer, Amana Living


Networking Lunch



Sourcing and attracting foreign labour to meet staff shortages

  • How can sourcing overseas workers help to enhance workforce capabilities?

  • What are the challenges and considerations needed when sourcing foreign labour?

  • What are the benefits to a culturally diverse workforce?

Sara Allotta, Group International Sourcing Manager, Bolton Clarke


Ensuring ethical aged care recruitment in creating diverse and inclusive workforces

  • What strategies can providers use to address the shortage of workers in the aged care sector while maintaining ethical recruitment standards?

  • Realising improved CALD care outcomes

  • Identifying barriers and challenges to diversity and inclusion in the aged care workforce, and mitigating unconscious bias in recruitment, training, and daily interactions

Donna Hart, Executive Director – Seniors Living, Churches of Christ

Lucy Murphy, Executive Manager People & Culture, Annecto


Embedding Cultural Safety in First Nations Aged Care

  • The importance of trauma-informed approaches in aged care for First Nations people

  • Delivering culturally-safe pathways and access to aged care

  • Fostering open communication and continuous respect of First Nations perspectives

Jarin Baigent, Chief Executive Officer, Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care

Auntie Norma Ingram, Chairperson, Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care


Afternoon Tea



Building a future aged care workforce aligned with demographic shifts: Home care growth for lower care needs and complex high care for residential care

  • How can Aged Care providers train and maintain workforces that are prepared for changing aged care requirements?

  • Analysing the future requirements for supporting an ageing and increasingly frail population as industry shifts more towards home care for lower care needs and residential for higher care needs

  • How can providers support staff to provide quality care during frequent legislative and policy changes?

Dave Izzard, National Executive Advisor – Aged Care, Calvary Health Care


Panel: Effective strategies for sourcing talent and building sustainable regional and remote workforces

  • How can providers encourage rural and remote recruitment and work through effective education and training programs?

  • How can “fly-in, fly-out” strategies and financial incentives help to minimise costly agency reliance and build committed in-house workforces?

  • What rostering changes could help to ease staff shortages and provide better compliance with new policies and legislation?

Kelly Geister, Executive Manager – Residential Services, Resthaven

Graeme Sloane, Head of People and Culture, Adina Care

Robert Peoples, Senior Educator, South West Tafe


Chairperson's Closing Remarks


Close of Forum

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