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Cara Williams

Cara Williams

Head of Safety & Wellbeing, People & Culture

Bolton Clarke

With a background in occupational therapy, OH&S and ergonomics, Cara is passionate about creating environments to optimise psychosocial and physical health. After working across a range of industries, Cara moved into the aged care industry seven years ago, initially in a self insurance/injury management role. This has expanded to cover injury management nationally as well as safety and wellbeing. The team supports aged care employees across residential aged care, retirement living and home and community care environments.

As the Head of Safety and Wellbeing at Bolton Clarke, Cara leads teams of safety professionals, safety systems specialists, claims and rehabilitation professionals to deliver injury prevention and management supports. The team recognise the importance of managing psychosocial risk and addressing wellbeing holistically. Cara has also served as an Executive Member of the Association of Self Insured Employers of QLD since 2020, recognising the importance of holistic approach to mental and physical health and rehabilitation.



Panel: Fostering Mental Health and Wellbeing through workload management and stress-reduction strategies – making the Aged Care a sector where people want to come to work

  • How have the Fair Work Commission Findings impacted the wellbeing and mental health of Aged Care Workers?

  • Addressing communication, recognition, and inclusive practices to create a supportive workplace

  • Creating a culture that destigmatises mental health discussions and encourages open dialogue

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