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Melissa Duffey

Melissa Duffey

Executive Manager, People

Feros Care

With over 25 years of experience in senior leadership positions across multiple industries, Mel blends her diverse experience with her passion for organisational learning and development to generate sustainable change and transformation through people. Mel has a particular talent in executive leader and systemic workplace coaching to build high levels of capability, positive workforce engagement and cross business knowledge sharing.  As a strong advocate for holistic strategic workforce planning and data lead decision making, Mel has successfully led the People & OD function in businesses to build strong foundations and be future ready.



Case Study: Innovative training strategies: Remote and cost-effective training

  • How can the Aged Care sector cater to different learning styles to encourage the development of a stronger workforce?

  • What strategies can be implemented to train and upskill workers while reducing time off-floor?

  • Analysing retraining and reaccreditation strategies for new workers from overseas

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