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With a new Aged Care Act coming into place in 2025, Aged Care providers across Australia are facing unparalleled challenges in aligning their recruitment, retention, and training strategies with the heightened compliance and operational demands of the forthcoming regulatory reforms.

In order to deliver safe and quality care, there’s a critical need for Aged Care workforces to embrace innovative recruitment and retention strategies, workforce management solutions and the latest training and development solutions.

Bringing together Australia’s largest aged care organisations, this national forum will help providers looking to increase recruitment and retention, build workforce efficiencies, upgrade learning and development opportunities and strengthen workplace wellbeing.

If you would like to meet, engage, and partner with Aged Care leaders across Quality, Safety, Risk, Compliance, Care, Workforce, HR, Funding & Finance, you need to be at the National Aged Care Convention 2024.  


Key Delegate Challenges

  • Navigate workforce challenges and skill shortages while ensuring high-quality aged care compliance in accordance with new Aged Care Act

  • Develop and retain a skilled, compassionate workforce amidst the competitive landscape of aged care

  • Leverage technology and automation for streamlined HR processes and improved workforce management in aged care

  • Implement effective training and development programs meeting aged care's evolving standards

  • Enhance workplace culture and employee engagement to reduce turnover in aged care facilities

  • Support aged care staff's mental health and well-being, creating a resilient work environment

  • Create inclusive and diverse workplaces that value every staff member in aged care settings

  • Strategically plan for workforce needs and succession to tackle future aged care service delivery challenges

Connecting providers with digital, physical, and knowledge-based solutions to improve quality, compliance, and risk management.

Senior leaders and executives from aged care providers responsible for: 

  • Quality assurance 

  • Clinical governance  

  • Risk management 

  • Regulatory reform and compliance  

  • Care Operations 

  • Strategy development 

  • Operational and process improvement 

  • Innovation 

  • Service delivery 

  • Client engagement 

Helping providers transition to the new Support at Home Program to improve quality outcomes, safety standards, risk and employee experience in home care.

Senior leaders and executives from home care providers responsible for:

  • Home care coordination

  • Support at Home reform

  • Quality assurance

  • Clinical governance

  • Risk management

  • Strategy Development

  • Operational and process improvement

  • Finance

  • Service delivery

  • Innovation

  • Client Engagement

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Guiding aged care providers towards financial resilience with innovative funding strategies, operational efficiency, and sustainable care models.

Senior leaders and executives from the Aged Care sectors responsible for funding & financing:

  • CFOs

  • Finance Directors & Directors

  • Financial Controllers

  • Head of Finance & Commercial

  • ANACC Managers

  • Facility Managers

  • CEOs

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